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08/08/2011 08:21

 An Invitation to Textbooks Writers in all school subjects based on the A.P. State Curriculum Frame Work

Posted: 06 Aug 2011 08:07 PM PDT

APSERT proposed to develop new textbooks for Primary and Upper Primary / High Schools in all school subjects based on the State Curriculum Frame Work and revised syllabus.
In this regard the SCERT is looking for committed professional teachers and teacher educators who are willing to take up the work of textbook writing for Primary and Secondary Level subjects. Adequate exposure and training will be given for the capacity building of the textbook writers and drawing teachers / illustrators. What is required among the professionals to work as textbook writers and drawing teachers is professional interest to learn, read books and reference material and develop 
themselves to contribute for the development of effective learning material like textbooks and other material.
Interested candidates can send applications to the Director, SCERT for consideration as textbook writers, drawing teachers/illustrators. The proforma of the application is given here under.
1. Name and Address, Mobile No. and e-mail etc.,
2. Reasons why he/she wants to participate in the textbook development process.
3. Comments on the present textbooks (in their subject).
4. Suggestions for improvement if any and how.
5. Mention the experience in terms of participation in module writing, textbook development, any articles in the professional magazines and newspapers etc.
6. Address to send applications – The Director, SCERT, Opp. L.B. Stadium E-gate, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad – 500001. e-mail Address – apscert@yahoo.com.
7. The same information is also available in the SCERT Website -apscert.org.
8. The drawing teachers may send their particulars and some copies of their drawings and illustrations.
The candidates may be requested to apply to the Director, SCERT with above details for considering them as textbooks writers, drawing teachers / illustrators by post or through e-mail.
Therefore, the DEOs are requested by SCERT to inform to the concerned Deputy Educational Officers to focus on this work of most prioritized work in the context of quality improvement, for immediate action. The Principals of IASEs, CTEs and DIETs are also requested to inform their academic staff to apply.
The last date for receiving the applications is 16th August 2011.

Photo used under Creative Commons from VinothChandar  © 2011 All rights reserved.

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