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30/09/2011 21:51


Andhra Pradesh Teachers Recruitment for 38,355 Posts Notification shortly

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Recruitment for 38,355 PostsNotification going to release Shortly.According to Right to Education Act.(RTE) there are 38,355 Posts required in the various state wise Schools. The Andhra Pradesh Teachers Council and State Government need to Create the 38,355 Posts and fill with the Eligible candidates.
According The Right to Education Act. Primary and Secondary Schools there will be 1:30,1:35 ratio teachers Required in each School.In 10 Members of Students in Schools also minimum two numbers are Required according to the RTE act.
Rajiv Vidaya Mission (RVM)   Officers are Planning to Release the Notification for these 38,355 Posts after completing all the Teachers Transferring Process. The Official Spokes Person of Rajiv Vidaya Mission (RVM) Mr.Chandravadan announced in a Press conference “The final Decision of the 38,355 Posts will be taken after consulting with State government “.
The Official Announcement of Teachers 38,355 Posts will be release shortly. The Teachers vacant Position is tableted  below.
Branch SGT LP School Assistant S.A(Languages) Total
Education 16,102 1,864 13,498 3,756 35,220
Gurukulam Society 2 0 11 68 81
Social welfare 0 0 131 321 452
Tribal Gurukulam 46 4 96 94 240
Tribal Schools 1,342 46 924 50 2,362
Total 17,492 1,914 14,660 4,289 38,355


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